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Bagan Region

Bagan Region

The main pagodas and temples in Bagan


Shwesigon Pagoda was built by King Kyansittha’s prototype for later Myanmar Pagodas. It was the first built by King Anawrahta not completed and proceeded to finish by King Kyansittha in (AD 1084- 1113).

Ancient Bagan City

Bagan period is the most architectural style and long civilized capital of the first Myanmar Empire. The background history of Bagan, King Thamutiriz established the 19 villages at a place called Yonhlut Kyun on the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy River, at present is called Nyaung Oo Township.

Four Relics Pagoda

It was built during AD 1059 by King Anawrahta. King Vizaraba from Sri Lanka donated one of Buddha’s tooth relics and King Anawrahta duplicated with another one and embedded in the sacred place inside this pagoda.

Mount Popa

Mt. Popa is about 50km away from Bagan. It is about 45 minute drives from Nyaung Oo Airport, Bagan.

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